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Have you ever heard of an authentic dish called Tamale? If you haven’t, then this article will guide you on how a Tamale is made, where its roots came from and where to buy the best Tamale on the planet!

Tamale is basically a Mesoamerican dish. Mesoamerica means middle America that comprises four countries – Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. Imagine these places that are rare to visit and yet the Tamela dish actually originated from them!

So, what is exactly a Tamale dish? If you are fond of dough, this is one for the books. Tamale is actually made of dough or the tern masa in their local language. The dough is then steamed in a banana or corn leaf. Once done steaming, you can eat the dough by removing the leaf or you can just use the leaf as your plate.

But what makes tamale an exciting authentic dish? This is basically because of the secret ingredients that only those who are expert in making it will know. This is not just your ordinary dough. There are secret ingredients mixed into the dough in order to make the best tamale in town! In fact, beef, chicken and pork can also be made with a tamale, but again, only experts can do so.

Tamale’s shelf life is at least a week if stored in the fridge but will last up to four long months if you keep it frozen. So if you want to buy or just hoard if you really love it that much, then store it in the freezer.

Since the origin of tamale is in Mesoamerican area, you might think that this will be difficult to find especially if you are from Texas. This is where you are exactly wrong about it. If you are from Texas, you will find the best manufacturer of Tamale.

Texas is one of the known states in America that makes the best Tamale. All you need to do is locate the best one in this place. How will you do that? Easy. Search it on the internet. But if you want it to be more suspenseful, you can actually find it by visiting all tamale sellers in Texas. Try to taste each of these Tamale and discover which among these stores actually offer the best in town.

Apart from the taste, you will know that this store sells only the best Tamale by actually checking its history. If they are in the business for so long, then that is a guarantee that this store really sells the best and authentic Tamale. Cleanliness is also important so make sure you check how clean their place is. If you want more information from the store, try to search for them on the internet. You will get more details about the company and how big and popular they are. This will give you an idea that the store is really the best one in Texas. Aside from that, if you find their brand elsewhere, then they are truly popular and the best in Texas!

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